Visual communication, advertising, visualization and design tell the future about our desires, our fears, what we see and what we don’t see. You make the change, make it strange, make it familiar. An infinite variety of creative ideas and visualization leads here. Our creative research sifts and sieves until the weight and sparkle of condensed intelligence about visualization, compositions and communication emerge. Diginext is a high-end cutting-edge creative workshop specializing in 3D modeling and animation for architectural visualization and commercials.


In 2004 Diginext emerged as a pioneer in a unique style of Architectural Walk Troughs, TV Commercial Animations & Post Production / VFX, after establishing a valuable primitive, Diginext extended its services in National and International Markets. With an on growing experience Diginext has adopted a unique style in broadcast visual effects and filming with architectural and broadcast design. Diginext provides innovative, cost effective solutions with a focus on high level of communication. Clients are assured to complete satisfaction throughout every step of the project.





Shariq Majeed

Director/ Partner

During my degree course as a computer engineer, I realized my true passion lied in visualizations and Animations. Self-taught I began my training on 3DS Max as a tool to express my creativity. Since then I have been working on creating realistic environments and animations, trying to achieve perfection at every step of the way. Working as an Architectural Visualizer in Pakistan for more than a decade now, I have developed skills in ideation of the hypothetical and application of design methodology towards the pragmatic and accurate communication of environments, imaginations, and props via digital visualization medium.

Umar Farooq Hussaini


Having an experience of more than 20 years in Pakistan Animation Industry; worked as the Animation Head in GEO Television and Creative Director in PTV (Pakistan Television Network), I founded Diginext in 2004. Since then I have been working to make Diginext, the best Architectural Visualization House in Pakistan through an efficient and effective work environment. My in-depth knowledge and expertise in Animation is the reason that Diginext is now considered as the best Architecture Visualization house in Pakistan.

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